St La

Saint la of Cornwall, so the legend goes, travelled to the shore of her native Island with the plan to depart with many other saints to travel to England by way of Cornwall. Upon reaching the shore however she found the other saints had left her. Distraught, as she feared that she would be far too young to make such a perilous journey alone, she fell to her knees and began to pray. She pray’d as we all do in such a situation: she prayed hard. As she was praying she gazed into the water, into the water she now feared she would not be able to cross, and she saw a leaf floating in the water. In a moment of inquisitive brilliance, she poked it with a stick. That’s what counted for inquisitive brilliance those days: ‘What’s that? I’m going to poke it with a stick…’ Give that girl a saint hood! 


‘And Jesus said: “Blessed be the curious, those who wish to understand. To those I say: go forth, and poke things with sticks, poke everything with a stick. Poke, Poke, Poke away. Pokey, pokey, poke and poke. Oh look, a dead dog, come everyone let us go and poke it with a stick then”‘ 

The Bible

Upon poking the stick the wise St la said ‘oh look, it floats!’ Then she looked at the leaf, and watched as it started to grow. It grew bigger, and bigger, and then bigger again! It got so big that she could step out onto it and float across the sea. This was a gift from god! A message from god! A miricle from god! St la looked to the heavens and called ‘God!’ God smiled and looked down on St la ‘Yes La’ he bellowed ‘My pokey stick is wet!’ ‘hmmmm?’ ‘My pokey stick got wet and no ones here’ ‘Yes St la, but, ummmm, what about that leaf’ ‘yes the leaf of course!’ ‘Yes St la, the leaf!’ ‘God! Through the divine wisdom you have blessed me with I can tell you this: This leaf is different to the other ones!’ Eventually, realising that this wasn’t going to be as easy as he had hoped, God pushed St la on to the leaf boat, and she floated to Cornwall…


She came to Cornwall, arriving before the other saints, here she died on on her burial spot was built the church of St la, which makes the centre piece of our town: St Ives. We remember her today, as we remember her everyday: Here’s to you, St La.