Put Your Beef In The Oven

I’m a well travelled man. I think I know a lot of stuff that there is to know about a lot of things, I’m not often made to look the fool when I get into conversation and most of the time people learn something when I talk to them because I’m very knowledgeable about things. It is about things that I doth know a lot. But sometimes you get very surprised by a thing that you didn’t know and that happened very recently when I watched the above video and found out that Italians also have beef.


I know! It wasn’t so much that I thought that Italians¬†didn’t have beef, it is more that I didn’t explicitly know that they did have beef so as you could imagine, I was pretty shocked and surprised by what had happened. It’s always surprising when your whole life is turned upside down by a new piece of information. That is, I’m sure you’ll agree. always surprising.

But there we go. And they cook it just like us! Personally, I prefer to cook my beef in the oven. ‘Oven every time’ I always say, if it makes sense in the context of the conversation I’m having. I cook a lot using my oven and though it was beautiful when it first got installed it gets pretty filthy, and I cook with such juicy juiciness that the juices can really jam the whole thing up (hence my current employment of an oven cleaning service, which my darling wife thinks is insane) but I say there’s a bright side to all of this…


I remember being an impoverished student type person in a house where no-one ever cleaned anything, the pots and pans ended up thick with cooking remnants. It meant that it was impossible to cook something tasteless. Impossible! And I reckon the same happens with my oven now. What do you reckon?